Our Services

Auto Upholstery Repair

Looking to repair or upgrade your car upholstery? We can match factory specs or work with you on better than new interiors for your car. We can match factory colors of upholstery to the factory specs or give you an interior that is custom made for you.  From experience, we can sometimes replace only a portion of the interior – for a tear or a burn without replacing the entire upholstery. Replacing or repairing your car’s interior upholstery can make your car feel like new again and give it new life.


Pops Top Shop specializes in the highest quality sunroof repair or replacement. We install guaranteed aftermarket sunroofs and moonroofs of all types of including inbuilt sunroofs, full feature spoiler roofs, pop up sunroofs, panorama sunroofs and folding sunroofs.

 We are an approved Webasto sunroof supplier and installer.

Sunroof Service and Maintenance

We offer a free annual service check and maintenance service) on all sunroofs we install. This includes greasing tracks, checking and clearing water management system and any adjustment to the glass that is needed. Maintenance service on existing sunroofs we did not install is available for a nominal fee.

Convertible Tops

We have many options for you to choose from for your convertible top for both domestic and imported vehicles, all with manufacturers’ warranties. We offer weather proof vinyl tops, sail cloth and higher end German manufactured materials. Your convertible top materials and color will be customized to your ca. Enjoy putting the top down again on your convertible knowing our workmanship is to the highest standard.

Convertible Top Service and Maintenance

We fix mechanical issues with convertible tops as well. Come by and let us take a look. You may have several options to repair or replace your convertible top.

Auto Upholstery Repair and Replacement

We fix headliners, door panels, console covers, dashboards, arm rests, seat tears and burns and stains.  Many upholstery repairs can be made without replacing the entire interior because we use factory materials and parts. Replacing the carpet and upholstery can give your car new life and increase the car’s value.

We have material from automotive vinyl to exotic hides such as ostrich, gator and stingray. We are here to answer any question you might have in regards to your specific needs.

Motorcycle Seat Repair and Replacement

We can restore the beauty and function of your motorcycle seat with quality materials. You have many choices from leather, durable vinyl, exotic hides and more. Your

Marine Upholstery, Boat Seat Cushion Repair and Replacement

Marine interiors and tops by Sundance 843-460-7855. Contact Sundance for all you Boat needs.